Sitzmark Ski Hill

Sitzmark Ski /Snow Board School Program 2017-2018

Classes are scheduled to begin Saturday January 20 10:30 am or Sunday 21 at 1:30 pm.  This includes 6 consecutive weeks of skiing or snowboarding as follows:  6 weeks of lifts/rentals; 5 weeks of ski lessons, or 3 weeks of snowboard lessons. If you enroll in snowboard lessons, the 1st 3 weeks are lessons and the last three weeks, you practice and hone your skills. PLEASE NOTE: There will not be any make-up lessons, rental, lifts, or refunds for missed days.  The only makeup sessions would be if the area is closed due to weather.

On the first day, arrive at least one hour prior to your lesson.  This will give you enough time to register and be outfitted with equipment.  After the first week you will receive the same equipment each week. We will preset it and have it ready to go. 

CLOTHING We recommend 1 pair of wool sock, a cap, a pair of gloves or mittens, long underwear, and a warm coat.  TIGHT LEGGED BLUE JEANS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED.  If you stay warm and dry, you will have more fun.

FILL OUT THE APPLICATION BELOW, SIGN AND RETURN IT TO SITZAMRK SKI SHOP P.O. BOX 521, TONASKET WA. 98855.  You can also return it in person to the Rental Shop at Sitzmark Ski Area, located at 1936 Havillah Rd. on Saturdays or Sundays 10:00-4:00. If you have questions or concerns call  509 485-2223/ 509 485-3323.  Prices include tax

Sitzmark Ski/Snowboard School Application 2017-2018


AGE___________________HEIGHT_____________WEIGHT_______________SHOE SIZE________________________

ABILITY: NEVER EVER_________LEARNER_______AVERAGE_______SKILLED_________CHOOSE DAY   SAT10:30__________SUN1:30_________

ALPINE OPTIONS:    COMPLETE                   LIFT/LESSON                             LESSON/RENTAL                       LESSON ONLY_______________

6 & UNDER               ____$109.00                    ____$49.00                                    _____$109.00                        ___$49.00

AGE 7 & 8                 ____$189.00  _____$149.00                                    _____$149.00                              ____$49.00

AGE 9-ADULT           _____$219.00                  ____$169.00                                   ____$159.00                              _____$49.00

SNOWBOARD:                                                          ________________________________________________________________________

6 & UNDER              ______$109.00                     ____$39.00                                 ____$109.00                         ____$39.00

AGE 7 & 12               _____$189.00                  ____$149.00                                  ____$149.00                             ____$39.00

AGE 13-ADULT         ____$219.00                   ____$169.00                              ____$159.00                          ____$39.00

I give permission for___________________________________ to participate in the Sitzmark Ski /Snowboard School for the 2017-2018 season. 



Please read and sign below too: Due to the inherent risk involved with the sport of skiing and snowboarding, I agree to hold harmless, Sitzmark Ski club, Sitzmark ski School, Sitzmark Rental Shop, and employees for any loss or damage or injury that I might incur while enjoying the sport of skiing or snowboarding at Sitzmark Ski Area.


Lessons start this weekend, January 20 and 21, 2018